Verbal Self Defense For The Socially Intelligent Downloadable Course - Basic Package

Art of Verbal War


Here's some truth:

People will ALWAYS test you. We can't throw fists at each other, so the way people do it is VERBALLY. Even people who care about you, like your friends and family, will test you from time to time, and maybe even frequently.

Does this sound familiar?

People do it for many reasons. Some people are bullies. Some people like to provoke others. Some people want to test other people to see what they are made of. Some people just don’t have anything else better to say other than negative or provocative things. MOST of the time, people just can’t help themselves.

And if you think you're the only one this happens to, just know that this happens to EVERYBODY. It's just a fact of life. And, it doesn't matter who you are.

From Average Jills and Joes to celebrities, politicians, athletes, the rich, the famous, and the powerful, NO ONE is immune from verbal attacks and insults.

Knowing this reality, we need to learn how to expect tests and accept the fact that they will happen. Most importantly, learning how to EXCEL at verbal confrontation is a CRUCIAL LIFE SKILL.

How much more confident could you be?

However, most of us don’t know how to handle verbal attacks and confrontations SKILLFULLY.

By "skillfully", I mean handle verbal confrontations with WIT and SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE.

Just know that there’s nothing wrong with you if you aren't currently skilled at this. Most of our parents never taught us how to defend ourselves verbally, and we certainly were never taught these important skills in school.

Remember: Life is a constant battle of wits. Don't be unarmed!


Six Video Modules/Lessons (Mindsets, Framework, Formulas, Verbal Self Defense In Action, Non-Verbal Communications, Putting It All Together)

Six Audio Files in MP3 format for auditory learners

Summary of Key Points in PDF format for visual learners

"All Purpose" Enders PDF (all purpose lines that get you get the last word in ANY verbal confrontation)

Two Unannounced Special Bonuses Included!

90 day No-Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee


Have more CONTROL over social interactions

Increase your SELF-CONFIDENCE and ERADICATE anxiety, stress, and fear in social and business interactions

RISE on the social totem pole by demonstrating WIT and SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE

ERASE socially submissive and/or victim-like behavior from your own behavior

NO MORE hurt feelings

DEVELOP a FEARLESS attitude and vibe

NEVER let someone else get the better of you or be at a loss for words EVER AGAIN. STOP being a victim of verbal bullying!

MASTERY is just a short time away!

With Verbal Self Defense for the Socially Intelligent, you can learn all you will ever need to know about verbal self defense in almost NO time (two hours or LESS, we promise).

This course has been organized for optimal efficiency. Instead of pumping you with large amounts of random, disorganized information, this course provide you with a FRAMEWORK and SPECIFIC TACTICS that allow you to defend yourself verbally in ANY situation with WIT and SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE.

Shh...this is SECRET knowledge that gives you the EDGE in social and business interactions. This is knowledge that other people wouldn't want you to know, if they actually knew it themselves.

These skills are NOT taught anywhere else, so get it now!

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Verbal Self Defense For The Socially Intelligent Downloadable Course - Basic Package

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